Santa Claus is Coming to My Kitchen: Tips to Decorate your Kitchen

Santa Claus is coming to my kitchenDecember, the jolliest time of the year, is here. This is the time to decorate your house with a tree and some décor items like festive pillows and lights in the front yard. 

Why not expand your Christmas Wonderland to the place that you will probably spend a lot of time, the kitchen? Have that joy while you prepare dinner and cookies with these decorating ideas. 

  1. Decorating your chairs: It’s easy to forget about them, but putting a small ornament on your chairs is a great idea to bring that festive feeling to your kitchen. You could use a small wreath or a simple red ribbon. You can get those pieces of decor in most craft stores (or even the local dollar store).
  2. Dressing up the window: Out of ideas on how you can decorate that tiny window in your kitchen? You can simply hang tinsel or a garland and add small ornaments to it. Another option is to buy inexpensive string lights and place them around the window. Or for something even less expensive, you could put decals on the glass. 
  3. Window Curtain: You could hang winter-themed or holiday-themed kitchen curtains. Add string lights around the window or add a garland on the curtain rod. 
  4. Wreaths: Wreaths aren’t just for the front door. Hang one on the kitchen wall or above the window.
  5. Holiday Mat: If you have a rug in the kitchen, consider switching it to a more festive one. 
  6. Themed Towels: This is a simple and easy way to bring some joy even when you’re drying your hands! You can buy embroidered towels with patterns such as snowflakes. You could also use a colorful plaid print or even a plain red towel. 
  7. Holiday Potholders and Oven Mitts: Using patterned potholders is an easy way to make your kitchen a little more festive. They are useful when you’re baking cookies for Santa or making the Christmas dinner, and they are a great decoration piece. 
  8. Cookies for Decoration: Display your gingerbread men or your gingerbread house on a cake stand as decor at your kitchen counter! (But remember to check the labels or the box instructions because some items may need to be refrigerated). 
  9. Pinecones and Fraser Fir: You can place them around the kitchen for extra holiday spirit. Put them between objects and decorations or put it inside a mason jar. For a fun DIY project, make them look shinny with glue and some glitter. You can also use golden or silver spray paint. 
  10. Festive Kitchenware: If you’re willing to spend a few extra dollars, you can get Christmas or winter-themed dishes. They can be bowls, mugs, or plates! Don’t forget to take them out of the cupboard to show them off. With a bigger bowl, put ornaments of different sizes and shapes to create a central table decor piece. Another idea is to use winter ingredients like cinnamon, acorns, pinecones and other dried fruits for a holiday vibe.
  11. Tablecloth and Placemats: You can make your table more festive by using a tablecloth with a themed pattern. You can also try combining placemats of different colors and sizes 
  12. Candles for Extra Coziness: You can place pillar candles on the tables or shelves for that warm winter feeling. Also, you can get a mason jar and put a candle inside. If you’re into scented candles, use the scent that matches your festive side, like cedarwood, pine tree, cinnamon, or vanilla. The options are endless!
  13. Hang Garland: There are a few options for hanging garland. One is to hang the garland on the ceiling to create that Christmas vibe without cluttering your countertops. Another is to place garland along shelves. You could also roll a thin garland around a column or chair. 

However you celebrate, C&W Appliance Service wishes you all the best for a very happy, healthy, and safe holiday season.

Your major appliances are the most important part of your kitchen. Keep yours in peak condition for the holiday season. Call C&W Appliance Service at (855) 358-1496 for all your appliance repair and maintenance needs.


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