Paul Bates — Combining Technical Expertise and Customer Service

Paul Bates (far right) and the team at C&W San Antonio

C&W Appliance Service doesn’t hire just anyone to repair and service appliances. New hires must not only have demonstrated technical knowledge and an ability to troubleshoot problems, they must also have two other crucial skills: good communication and a keen sense of customer service. 

One C&W employee who exemplifies these abilities and skills is Paul Bates. Paul is one of C&W’s hand-picked, factory-certified technicians trained by Sub-Zero and Wolf to service their products. He’s also trained in the other brands that C&W services, such as Asko, Cove, Uline, and Scotsman.

After 20 years’ experience with C&W, Paul can repair a range of appliances, from older to current models. And the on-going training courses provided by the various manufacturers keep him up-to-date with the “smart” technology in modern appliances that feature multiple circuit boards, diagnostic systems, and electronic and digital systems with touch pads. Paul says he’s “always learning”, and if at any time he has a question, he has a team he can phone for technical advice.

C&W encourages teamwork with all their employees to enable them to deliver better service to their customers, and Paul values the way he and the other technicians work together to help each other. There are six technicians in the San Antonio repair division to cover the Hill Country region. Every morning they meet to share ideas and tips, and to make sure everyone has the parts they need before heading out on their service calls.

Customer care at C&W Appliance Service is more than just repairing appliances — it’s also about building lasting relationships. Some clients have been with the company for decades, and some for generations.

You can tell when talking to Paul that creating this type of relationship is important to him. When asked what he likes most about his job, Paul said he likes the variety of the different repair calls, and meeting people from different walks of life. Being able to help is rewarding for him, especially when a broken appliance is creating a big problem for the customer. And after the repair is finished, he enjoys the satisfaction of a job well done and the customer’s smile.

Customers appreciate that Paul goes out of his way to listen to their concerns, and to diagnose and solve any problems. He explains the repairs that have to be done, the reasons for them, and answers any questions. When the work is finished, he shows it to the customer, and also provides any tips on how to care for the appliance to prevent any future problems. Paul gives as much attention and expertise to a 20-year-old appliance as he does to a newer one.

In his spare time, Paul enjoys creating wallets, iPad holders, and other handy items from leather. He’s married with two sons — one teenager and one younger, and he laughingly agrees that keep him busy.

For technical expertise and service you can count on, call C&W Appliance Service at (855) 358-1496 or (214) 358-1496.


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