Maintenance for Your Sub-Zero Refrigerator Ice Maker

Maintenance for Your Sub-Zero Refrigerator Ice Maker

When the weather heats up, as it does in Central Texas, one of the nicest ways to cool off is to enjoy a refreshing drink with cold, clean ice. If you own a Sub-Zero refrigerator (most models include an ice maker) you can rest assured that it will produce beautiful clean ice. 

Since ice makers in general are extremely hard working parts of refrigerators, they need some attention and care to make sure their production lasts for many years. Sub-Zero stringently tests their refrigerators and all other appliances for many hours before they leave the factory floor. But even with the highest of standards, your Sub-Zero refrigerator ice maker, being the hardest working part of your refrigerator and even of all appliances can benefit from regular maintenance. 

Always check your owners manual for your particular model Sub Zero Manuals. For prompt service and regular maintenance C&W Appliance Service can send expertly trained technicians at your request. We insist on quality and are the only Sub-Zero Premier Partner in the DFW (Dallas / Fort Worth) and Central Texas (Austin, San Antonio, San Marcos, etc.) area. This ensures the utmost quality of repair for your high-end appliance. 

Not Making Ice?

If your machine is not doing anything, check to make sure it is switched to the on position. Since Sub-Zero has many different models, check your manual to find the on/off switch location. If indeed it was off, turn it on. You should wait about 24 hours. If you then find ice is being made, you’ve solved the problem. 

Is There an Obstruction?

Sometimes ice cubes get caught in the dispenser and then everything backs up. Check the chute to check if there are any ice cubes stuck together. Remove these by hand. It’s a good idea to reset the unit by turning the maker off and on again. 

Freezer Temperature Set Correctly 

If your freezer temperature is above 5 degrees F it will not work properly but at 10 degrees F or above your Sub-Zero ice maker will stop producing ice. Make sure to set the freezer temperature at about 0 degrees F for best results. 

Cleaning Condenser Coils 

If you have done this and you see that the temperature isn’t decreasing, the trouble could be your condenser coils. These important coils regulate the temperature of your freezer and fridge. If they aren’t clean, it is too difficult then to keep the freezer cold enough. Check your owner’s manual for the condenser coil location and directions for cleaning.     

Change Your Water Filter 

Another important consideration in making sure your ice maker continues to make ice is having a regular schedule for changing your water filter. Sometimes mineral deposits will build up in your filter. At first this may just slow down production but eventually it could lead to a total cessation of ice making. At some point no water will be able to get through. We recommend changing your filters every 6 months for the best results. Make sure to only purchase a certified Sub-Zero water filter. Read your Use and Care manual for instructions. 

Regularly changing your water filter on a regular basis is needed as with any appliance that uses a filter. Even if you are still able to produce ice with an old filter, at some point it is likely the ice can begin to smell musty and taste bad.  Keeping to a regular schedule of changing filters will ensure great tasting ice with no discernible odor.

Align the Ice Bin 

A simple problem with a simple solution. After cleaning your bin, it’s important to set it back in its exact spot, otherwise your ice maker won’t turn back on. 

Is Your Fill Tube Frozen?

The fill tube is a thin tubing and it runs along the back of the refrigerator or above the ice maker. Occasionally the water could freeze inside the tube. Firmly push in on the tubing. If it is very stiff it’s likely that the water has frozen. This of course will obstruct the flow of water. In this case turn off the ice maker so that all components thaw out. 

Water Pooling Under Refrigerator

If the water supply line gets disconnected you’ll soon see water pooling under or behind your refrigerator. Refer to your owners manual to reattach your water supply line. Another problem could be that the supply line gets a kink in it. This could lead to low water flow and less ice being made. In this case, simply unkink the supply line and water should start flowing fine again. 

Clumping Ice 

Be sure to use your ice at regular intervals to avoid ice clumping together in the bin. Also ice tends to clump more if the freezer temperature is too high. 

Discolored Ice 

If you are experiencing strange looking ice such as, green, blue, white flecks or cloudy ice,  it’s time to look at your water line supply. Green or blue flecks: Copper corrosion in the water line. White flecks: Calcium deposits in the water. Cloudy ice: Mineral deposits in the water. Adding an in-line water filter may reduce or eliminate discoloration. A technician can help you to resolve this if needed. Regular maintenance should allow you to enjoy your ice machine for many, many years to come. 

C&W Appliance Service can help keep your Sub-Zero refrigerator and freezer in Texas. Avoid costly appliance repairs and ask about our routine maintenance service to keep your appliances running smoothly all year round.

Call us at (855) 358-1496 or submit our online service request form for prompt service.


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