Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Doors
– Part Two

Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Doors - Part Two

Kitchen Cabinets and drawers come in a variety of styles, colors and sizes. The wide selection allows for more creativity and getting exactly what you are looking for. 

Popular Colors and Hardware for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Are white cabinets still popular? In a word, yes, but look for some variations and a theme when choosing white cabinets. The color white has been popular for decades, mostly starting in the 1980s. White continues to lead as the color for kitchen cabinets, even in 2022. If you’re wondering why this has become a timeless trend:

  • White opens up even very small spaces.
  • It brightens up a dark kitchen. 
  • White goes with any color flooring, backsplash, countertop, and fixtures. 

While white will probably continue to be popular for a while, you can also opt for off-white and cream-colored cabinets for a softer look. Look for two-tone cabinets, often with white cabinets sharing the limelight with darker colored cabinets.

Various shades of gray have been gracing walls in the last several years. Gray cabinets are still the most common alternative to white as: 

  • Gray is a neutral color with warm and cool tone options 
  • Gray undertones can be yellow, beige, or red to create warm tones and blue, green or purple to make cool tones
  • It is an ideal color to pair with a variety of countertop materials and colors, backsplashes and appliance finishes. 
  • Gray works with most kitchen styles and cabinet designs

Style trends have been changing and color in kitchens is popping up everywhere! Blue kitchen cabinets are starting to make a grand entrance into kitchen decor.

  • Gray-based navy cabinets add color while still keeping a more neutral vein.
  • Shades go even darker with indigo, almost leaning into an inky black for deep contrast. 
  • Dark blue makes a lovely contrast statement when paired with white cabinets above kitchen counters and blue cabinets on the bottom. 
  • White kitchens show off a dark blue beautifully. 
  • The addition of blue provides a more relaxed, homey atmosphere. 

When you think of the color green, what comes to mind? Nature of course. Green is more than a passing fad as it will continually represent an earthy feel. 

  • Think emerald green to add drama to any kitchen. 
  • Subtle olive green kitchen cabinets are trending in vintage and contemporary kitchens. 
  • Dark forest green cabinets will make a great contrast if paired with a whisper of light green or white cabinets. 
  • Try light mint green for a light and airy feeling. Teal combines both blue and green for a summery feel. 
  • Grey green is more neutral if you want a more subtle look. 
  • You can pair any shade of green with a contrasting countertop and backsplashes.

Other colors that are trending now:

  • Deep ruby or dark beet reds for a bold look. If you are bored with your kitchen color and desire a big change, red may be the answer. This color can be used to create a trendy hue in your kitchen whether it is used on just some of the cabinets or the complete set. 
  • Mineral tones that suggest ore, graphite and slate have the benefit of being neutral and matching with most accent colors. 

Do you want to show off the craftsmanship of natural wood cabinets, unfinished, in all their glory? If so, you’re in good company. 

  • Lighter woods such as ash, oak or pine left unstained, are popular and can give a rustic look. 
  • Along with the organic decorating trend, these cabinets are great for a minimalist look. 
  • If you desire to bring nature inside, natural wood cabinets are a perfect choice. It’s a look that is likely here to stay.

Two-tone kitchen cabinets can be used to create the illusion of more space. You can make a small kitchen look larger, which is especially helpful if your kitchen is on the small side. Here are some examples of when you could use two tones for your kitchen cabinets:

  • Lighter color above the darker color to create more space. Example: Dark mineral gray on the bottom and a lighter shade of gray on top.
  • Contrasting colors: White on top, dark blue on the bottom. Since bottom cabinets tend to soil faster, another advantage of having the darker hue on the bottom is that it won’t show soiling nearly as much.
  • Contrasting Wood: Try mixing a light wood choice on top and dark wood-stained cabinets below.
  • Mix cabinet materials: Try dark wood on the bottom, and white cabinets with glass fronts above your countertops.
  • Island Cabinets: Don’t forget about your island. You can use a bolder color for your island cabinetry to make a statement.

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

One easy and inexpensive way to update your cabinets is switching out old handles, pulls or knobs for new ones. Whether you are updating your cabinets completely or just giving them a facelift, adding beautiful handles can add a touch of class. 

There are a number of different styles and finishes from which to choose:

  • Matte black finishes: Sophisticated, modern and very popular.
  • Gold and copper: Both add a rich, warm tone. Copper is more “informal” than gold.
  • Polished nickel and chrome: Pretty and shiny but watch out for fingerprints. best for display units that aren’t used often. 
  • Satin or brushed nickel and chrome: These two types of finishes mean they’ve been sanded and so are more muted. Brushed nickel adds a rustic feel.
  • Oil rubbed bronze: Richly dark in color. Gives an antique style.
  • Matte, satin or antique brass: Adds elegance and warmth.

Bar Pulls

Bar pulls continue to be the most popular cabinet and drawer hardware. Square bar pulls have overtaken tubular pulls in popularity. They look classic and have different finishes. Matte black is very popular right now. They also come in many sizes from a few inches long up to 21 inches. The larger ones would work well on large drawers with heavy items and vertically on tall cupboard doors. Consider these especially for contemporary kitchens with a minimalist feel.

Cup Pulls

Cup pulls look like small dome shaped pulls that, in the past, have been used more on furniture than on kitchen cabinets and drawers. They are popular in transitional or traditional kitchens. Oil rubbed bronze is a particularly interesting finish, giving an old world charm. 

Mushroom Cabinet Knobs

These smallish knobs come in all types of finishes from a plain matte black to brass, bronze, chrome, nickel, glass, gold, and hand painted. You name it, it’s available. They are best for use on smaller cabinets and drawers. They can be suitable for all styles of kitchens depending on your choice of finish.

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