Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Doors
– Part One

Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Doors – Part One

If you’re thinking of refacing kitchen cabinets or even starting from scratch with new cabinets and drawers, read on to discover popular styles in kitchen design.

Some would consider cabinet doors to be the most important element in one’s kitchen, at least from a visual design point of view, as they cover a large degree of surface area. Luckily, there are a multitude of styles, materials, colors, hardware and handles to choose from in order to make a perfect match with your style preference.

When deciding on a particular style, you will probably be drawn to styles that are in line with your personality and the rest of your home. What is the overall design aesthetic of your home? Are your rooms classically elegant? Or do they lean towards a minimalistic and modern décor with clean lines? If your home is filled with a colorful, bold or bohemian design your choice of kitchen cabinets will likely be a reflection of that.

In general, there are three types of cabinet door styles: raised panel, recessed panel, and slab (or flat panel). Each of these styles have numerous variations and bring a unique character to your kitchen décor.

It’s All About Style! – 6 Popular Types


1. Shaker Style Cabinet Doors

Shaker cabinets today are one of the most popular cabinet styles. It earns its reputation well because of its versatility. Whether you prefer modern, traditional or transitional décor, shaker cabinets manage to blend in well with all of these. In constructing its door, four pieces of flat-panel wood create a frame and a single flat center panel is the fifth piece. Shaker style kitchen cupboards come in high-quality wood, ie. cherry, maple, hickory, and oak.

As with many types of cabinet doors, shaker style cabinets can be customized to your liking. For a traditional look, you can purchase a thicker frame. But for a more modern look, try a very thin frame of about a half inch. Shaker style cabinets will enhance and complement almost any style.

Shaker Style Cabinet

2. Traditional Style Cabinet Doors

If you crave a more formal, elegant aesthetic, traditional cabinets can be a great choice. They create a comfortable, timeless atmosphere.

Instead of flat centre panels as in shaker styles, the centre panel is raised. Cream colors, reds, tans and wood tones tend to be featured. Glazes and antique finishes are options as well. For traditional cabinetry look for such features such as arches and curved details.

Traditional Style Cabinet

3. Slab Style Cabinet Doors

Looking for a no fuss, simple door without molding, edges or trimmings? Look no further than a slab style door. You’ll get a sleek, minimalist look that works for modern and contemporary kitchen design.

Even though slab doors are actually made of several pieces of wood joined together (to resist warping), the slab door looks as though it was a single piece of wood. However, slab doors can be made of other materials. An example is medium density fiberboard, with a laminate, wood veneer or thermofoil covering.

Slab Style Cabinet

4. Louvered Style Cabinet Doors

Louvered kitchen cabinets are made with horizontal wood slats that help to create texture. However, function is an important part of this style. In the practical sense, they provide ventilation. If your kitchen has high humidity or easy growth of mold then this ventilation can help keep certain foods fresh longer. Some people choose this style of cabinetry for their pantries to store vegetables such as potatoes, onions and garlic.

Louvered Cabinets

5. Beadboard Style Cabinet Doors

Looking for a more rustic or cottage look to your kitchen? One that adds pattern and texture? Try beadboard.

Beadboard (sometimes referred as tongue and groove) is made with long wood slats that are fitted into each other by a tongue and groove mechanism. There are ridges in between the slats of wood known as “beads”.

Beadboard cabinets are available in a variety of widths. This style is so popular that it is often used to accent other parts of the kitchen, as in backsplashes.

Beadboard Cabinets

6. Glass-Front Style Cabinet Doors

Want a cabinet to showcase some precious items or decorative pieces? Glass front cabinet doors may be your choice.

With glass front cabinets, the centre panel is replaced with glass. We’ve all seen the beautiful pictures of glass front cabinets where all the items are perfectly arranged and look pristine. Glass cabinets are generally used to highlight decorative items and pretty dishes, fine china or antiques. They are sometimes backlit to enhance the effect. Glass can be clear, frosted, vintage, or leaded. These cabinets often feature beautifully in modern, minimalist kitchen designs.

Glass Style Cabinets

Open Shelving

Open shelving is making something of a comeback. If you like to arrange items on shelves and like order, open shelving can be a great option. Open shelving tends to be used in addition to regular cabinets as it breaks up the uniformity and adds interest.

Common items that look attractive on an open shelf can be seasonings and spices, storage jars, drinking glasses, decorative pieces, and small plants. With open shelving, Items can be found easily instead of being lost inside of a cabinet. However, be prepared to dust off items that are not in constant use.

Open Style Cabinets

One Style or Eclectic?

With so many choices available, you may choose to stay with one style or blend styles of cabinets to suit your personal style and to enhance convenience and function.

When it comes to cabinet door styles some homeowners use raised panel doors on lower cabinets and flat panel doors on upper cabinets to convey a transitional style – somewhat traditional but with a modern twist.

In the next blog, we’ll discuss choices of color, finishes, door handles and hardware to go along with your kitchen cabinets.

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