ZipWater’s unique design and technology is truly state of the art, which C&W is fully trained to service. Whether it’s a leak, temperature issues, or filter repair, C&W is fully trained and certified with ZipWater maintenance or repair. Depending on the usage, water quality and other factors in your home, it is recommended to have semi-annual or annual maintenance. Call a technician at C&W to learn more about when to service your ZipWater product. 

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More About ZipWater Appliances

With instant filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling, plus hot and cold water, any way you want it, ZipWater offers the widest choice of water options on the market. Each HydroTap includes advanced activated carbon water filter technology that performs roughly 25x better than the best water filter pitcher. With a HydroTap in your home access to pure tasting, Boiling, Chilled and Sparkling filtered drinking water is available at the touch of a button. Options are available for residential or office settings.

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