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Wayne Thompson – Founder (1927-2022)

Charles Gregory and I worked together for a year and a half at Philco Ford and became good friends. We had the opportunity to buy an air conditioner and refrigeration company servicing restaurants and window air conditioners. We soon decided we did not like that and decided to change the business to appliance repair. Chuck was with me for the first 17 years. At that time, he wanted to sell his share of the business to me. He wanted to move back to the same town where he grew up. I had ups and downs for the next few years developing relationships with more customers, dealers and distributors. Around 1987, SubZero came to us and wanted to set us up as an authorized SubZero repair company. That was an important step for us.

The next big step for us was that we helped found the United Servicers Association. After that I had a heart attack and David Thompson, my son, decided he would step up and run the family business. We now serve Dallas, Fort Worth, North Texas, San Antonio, Austin and the entire Hill Country region.

SubZero is the kind of company that wants their customers taken care of and satisfied and they give us the freedom to do it.

We have serviced appliances for over 65 years, thanks to our customers that have given us business all these years. Without you we could not have been here for this many years.

Dave Thompson

I was born in Dallas, Texas and worked at C&W during the summers my whole life. Not expecting to work in the family business, I worked for Greg Cooper at Flight Components beginning in early 1979 until Sept 10th 1990.

Sept 10th 1990 I came to C&W and found my true home.

Other than carrying on the heritage and reputation my father established here in 1958, my natural callings are hunting, ranching and forestry. The T Squared Ranch established in 2008 serves these purposes and captivates all my spare time and interest.

Dave Thompson

Philip LaPlante – Service Manager

I started working for C&W Service while in high school during the summers and continued for about a year. I went to work for a manufacturing company for five years building fuel tanks and oil field equipment. Due to the oil crises, I went to work for another service company for two years. March 1983 was when I came back to work for C&W and I have been here ever since.

I was married for thirty years and have three of the best children anyone could ask for, a daughter and two sons. Now I have four grandsons and work on projects around the house.

Ben Brinkopf

Ben Brinkopf joined C&W in February of 2022 and is honored to continue the 65-year old legacy from Charles Gregory, Wayne Thompson and Dave Thompson. C&W has succeeded, in the words of Wayne Thompson, by aspiring to “Always Do the Right Thing. Always.” This means doing right by our customers, our team and the communities we serve. We are blessed to serve the best customers, the best manufacturing partners and the best products with the best team. While far from perfect, we aspire to get better each day and are grateful for the generations of Texas families who have allowed us to help them use their products to enjoy the moments that matter most with their friends, coworkers and loved ones. Thank you for the privilege to serve you.

Our Team

Our exceptional team of service technicians and support personnel ensure that C&W provides you with the best appliance repair experience — from the moment you contact us to when the job is complete and we follow up to ensure it was done right.

We make sure we stay on top of our game with weekly service meetings, manufacturer training sessions and team meetings.

Each and every member of C&W Appliance Service shares the same goal — to be the #1 Sub-Zero, Wolf and premier appliance service company in Dallas and San Antonio.

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